Andy Walker's Pumpkin ready to roll


Join Andy Walker on October 29th and 30th for an early all hallows eve, the 'Day of the Dead' special, featuring music from those rock and pop artists, that are no longer with us.

It's the dead rock stars club, the radio show that all musicians are dying to get on to. So listeners beware, your in for a scare, with lots of frightful beats and scary treats this coming Halloween, only on Shortwave Radio.


Saturday: 3975 kHz - 18:00 CEST to 01:00 CEST (17:00 BST to 00:00 BST) and

Sunday:   6160 kHz - 10:00 CET to 17:00 CET (09:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT)

                3975 kHz - 18:00 CET to 01:00 CET (17:00 GMT to 00:00 GMT)