Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive music, old and brand spanking new. Shows often include a CD Giveaway, Nigel’s Proggy Vaults and even a proggy interview from time to time.
The proggy posty himself behind the controls
Shaun about himself: "I have worked in radio in various forms for 34 years, having started in “naughty” pirate radio back on 1982 on shortwave. I joined my local hospital radio station in Stafford in 1985 and still find myself there 31 years later every Saturday morning playing listener requests, and still love it. I’ve worked extensively in local radio in the Staffordshire area for stations including Stafford FM, Stone FM, Chase FM, County Show Radio, Smart Radio, and then Stafford Radio which became Windmill Radio.
It was only when Stafford Radio started in late 2011 that I decided to present a progressive rock show, although I had previously presented classic rock show on a few stations which often included proggy bands. As the station broadcast from a 220 year old windmill the show became “The Prog Mill”. The initial idea of the show was to introduce prog to the local radio audience, not only by playing the obvious Floyd, Genesis and Yes tracks etc but to also introduce many of the newer bands plying their trade in today’s ever expanding progressive music scene. The show quickly gathered a worldwide audience and even though Windmill Radio (which Stafford Radio had become) recently closed, I was delighted to be offered the chance to bring the show to its new home here at Progzilla Radio.
The Prog Mill is very much a listener led show, and concentrates where possible on the melodic and symphonic side or the genre. Listeners are invited to choose the shows playlist each week and can contact me by email at, via Facebook and Twitter @shaunontheair."